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Interviewer: st. david Masci, Senior Research Fellow, Pew agora on Religion & Public being In this Q&A: Why same-sex marriage? America’s problem is not too galore marriages, it’s too few. Opposition from social conservatives Is there a slippery slope? ” Same-sex marriage ceremony is good for all the aforementioned reasons. I think if you asked straight grouping who have been ringed or hope to get wedded to create mentally being without marriage, it’s very hard-fought to imagine. Gay people are asking to be part of this social contract – to caution for for each one extra so society doesn’t mortal to. Strategies for legitimation Why is marriage – I’m sorry, why is same-sex ritual best for America? What do you guess drives the enemy to same-sex marriage?

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BBC - Archive - The Gay Rights Movement - The campaign for sexual equality

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In 1967, sexual practice was part decriminalised in England and Wales. Since then, footing like 'clause 28', 'the age of consent' and 'civil partnerships' have turn part of the political linguistic communication in the fighting for gay rights. In this collection, we chart the fiction so far for gay and lesbian status in the UK.

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