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Your quiz results This is not an hi-fi result, because you did not answer the questions. In arrangement to get an correct conclusion for "Which teenaged titan are you? erst known as a boy wonder, Robin has moved on the far side buddy condition to become the gung-ho leader of the Teen Titans. With no superpowers of his own, Robin relies on his daring, intellect and a fully-loaded service loop to carry him through and through the challenges he and his group face. He makes fast decisions and barks orders once the decease gets tough, but still treats the team equal his high-grade friends. If you are a teen colossus that you like, congratulations.

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Anarky's Great wolf character Name: Name: Age: Power: Equipment/Weapon: Appearance: Hero Costume: Civilain Clothing: Personality: Strengths: Flaws (I poverty a lot of these, please): Likes: Dislikes: abode City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Bio: Anarky's Great Beast Hero Name: character Name: eating apple Hex Age:16Power:magic user. Equipment/Weapon: A illusion ring, A back that contains a devoid of black abstraction that holds everything he owns. Likes:love to sing and proform Flaws: Often takes horrid risks to achieve goals, takes pain away too frequently and ends up painfulness himself, tends to be secretive, relies on entirely himself and not others, precise pessimistic, can be mistrusting, closed-minded on new opinions. And a evil scyth Appearance: paladin Costume: He wears a bllack wizard's covering and a white dissemble that hides his visual aspect Civilain Clothing:anything Personality:sort of equal Raven but towards certain members he shows emotions. Dislikes:unknown Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Atlanta, GABio: eating apple used to be Zatana's sidekick until he wished-for to try to be his own hero. He was when BB's best Friend once growing up until BB left the teenaged titans and bathroom was alone.

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Live the legacy now and connexion Teen Titans Role Play! However, once her trust is gained, she is in spades leal and easily manipulated due to her eager-to-please attitude. impoverishment to modify your own character and criterion its destiny? I've always welcome to try RP but all the other than forums were either too far along or dead. Well anyway, here's a sort of my OC: Name: Katherine (Kit) Bryden Alias: serpent Appearance: tassled, caramel-colored fuzz that comes down to mid-back; blue-black eyes; 5'4'' and 108lb; wears dark racerback "sports bra" with a dejected trim, afro-american boots with blue soles, tight black aspiration with a light-blue belt, dark fingerless gloves, and a negro ribbon wrapped around her cut Personality: She finds it catchy to trust others at first. though usually submissive and insecure, she is extremely ferocious and determined during combat.

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